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Everything you need to know before implementing chatbots for your business

08/30/2017 - 08/30/2017

Microsoft Corporation, Aon Center, 200 E Randolph St
Chicago, IL

Event Website:

Event Details


Chatbots have gained a special place in the list of trending technologies that businesses are eager to try. However, businesses are not sure how to get started or what are some of the best practices when implementing chatbots for their enterprise.

Chatbots have the capability to become the face of any brand, as it is the direct medium of communication between company and its customers. In this event, we will discuss the best practices that should be followed while creating chatbots. We will also make the attendees aware of the implementation strategies and use cases as per their industry before actually getting started.

Attendees will be introduced to different types of chatbots that can be created with the use of cognitive services. Such conversational UX can not only respond to users, but also understand the context and can respond to queries in a human-like manner. After learning the technologies involved and the types of chatbots, attendees can decide what they require in a chatbot that is tailored for their business.

Register At - http://go.softwebsolutions.com/resources/implementing-chatbots-for-your-business.html


  • Conversational UX best practices
  • Bot implementation strategies
  • Chatbots with deep machine learning
  • Smart chatbots with cognitive services
  • Recent updates in MS Bot Framework
  • Chatbots benefits for enterprises
  • Demo
  • Q&A session
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