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1st Annual Influencer Marketing Conference

09/21/2017 - 09/21/2017

London Forum
London, United Kingdom

Event Website:

Event Details

The 1st Annual Influencer Marketing Conference by Influencer Marketing Hub aptly named “Under the Influence” will take place during September, 2017 in London and during October 2017 in New York. The Conference focuses on all aspects of Influencer Marketing, with the aim to investigate and educate digital marketing experts on Influencer Marketing best practices and how to use Influencer Marketing effectively.

The daily agenda includes not only talks from lading Influencer Marketing experts but also Influencer Marketing Platforms, Agencies and  micro-influencers on different digital channels as YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat and Pinterest. Session topics consist of crucial factors of influencers’ research, statistics and analytics, influencers outreach, the best Influencer Marketing tools and influencers onboarding, looking at the emerging trends on the Influencer Marketing world. With topic specific Q & A’s (focusing on pricing, influencer reach and ROI objectives), breakout sessions and evening networking opportunities, this conference promises to deliver.

About Influencer Marketing Hub:

Influencer Marketing Hub is the leading Marketing Resource for Influencers, Agencies and Influencer Marketing Case Studies. We provide reviews on leading Influencer Marketing Platforms, listings of leading social media micro-influencers and relevant industry information all under one umbrella.

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